Joe Crosswell

Joe CrosswellSummary:

Joe Crosswell has a unique blend of education, training and hands-on experience that allows him to work with companies in any industry or manufacturing environment. He can relate to and work with individuals at any level within organizations to identify improvement opportunities, engineer solutions, train personnel and execute implementation plans. He uses practical proven methods to work with companies that have resulted in significant impact in terms of cost reductions, through-put increases and inventory reductions. In addition to these impacts, Joe works with the objective of imparting the required knowledge to the company in-house team allowing them to continue to refine and improve their process.


Areas of Expertise:

With a background that combines Lean principles, American Production Inventory Control Society (APICS) body of knowledge and experience with manufacturing systems, Joe is especially prepared to work with organizations to reduce inventories and increase through-put. He is the coordinator for TMAC’s Total Productive Maintenance product line. His experience in aircraft maintenance brings a unique and effective approach to organizations implementing TPM and 5S Workplace Organization.


Scope of Experience:

Joe began his manufacturing career in the Aerospace / Department of Defense industry working with aerospace suppliers to modernize their technology and processes. Since coming to TMAC in 1995, he has worked in broadly varied manufacturing environments from job shops to automated production in many different industries. His experience ranges from training and coaching shop floor personnel, to working with executive management developing strategic business plans.


Relevant Assignments:

Joe has led comprehensive Lean transformation programs at TMAC customers, such as: DIAB Group USA, Zale Corporation, RMAX, Ventamatic and many others. Longer term projects like these require much coordination and careful planning of training and implementation events and activities. Joe led efforts at several organizations to alleviate problems with manufacturing MRP / ERP systems cause by “Y2K” issues which included selecting and implementing entirely new systems. His experience has also included developing and implementing ISO 9000 / AS 9100 / ANSI Q9002 compliant quality systems at aerospace manufacturers, including training personnel and supporting registration audits.


Education and Training:

Joe received his Master of Business Administration degree from The University of Dallas and his Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Technology from Texas A&M University. He is a graduate of the UTA / George Group Lean Six Sigma Black Belt training program. He has earned APICS CPIM credentials; is a Lean Bronze Certified Practitioner LBC (SME / AME); is certified as a Logistics Technician CLT, Logistics Associate CLA, Production Technician CPT and instructor (Manufacturing Skills Standardization Council). In addition, he is a graduate of the United States Marine Corps Officer Candidate School in Quantico, Virginia, and is an FAA-Certified Airframe and Power Plant Mechanic with an Inspection Authorization and is a certified commercial pilot and flight instructor.


Previous Employers:
Lockheed Martin / General Dynamics
GEO International



(817) 312-5385